Running away to the Cirque.

Phone shots from a great couple of days of English breakfast in Greenwich Village, Beatles 50 memorabilia and Rufus Wainwright at The Town Hall… What a great gig!

Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge.. great few days with my buddy Al Pick!

Complete tourist behaviour in NYC!

New York City highline… It’s SO COLD! 

Dress rehearsal for New York

Dress rehearsal for New York

UK happiness!

Had a really great time in LA with resident Angie Swan as tour guide… hikes, guitar shops, Gibson showroom, Amoeba records (even bigger than the San Fran shop), jam nights with Jewish delis on them (The Kibitz room where Frank Zappa used to hang out I also saw the cirque show Totem in Santa Monica (which was excellent), got interviewed by LA TV (for a show about dating in LA which I’m obviously an expert on since I’ve been in a 5 year relationship and live in Brighton), and we stayed at Marilyn Monroe’s preferred hotel “The Roosevelt”. Very fun few days.

After 7 hours on the road today (with numerous stops), I have returned to San Jose for more shows this week.

Today began with an amazing breakfast at - best eggs benedict I’ve ever had with proper black forest ham, perfect poached eggs and tarragon hollandaise on ciabatta rather than dumpy old English muffins. I also went to this great shop on State Street and bought more stuff that won’t fit in my suitcase…

I then hit the road for the scenic route ‘highway 1’ back to San Jose (on the way there I took the quicker non scenic (which is actually pretty scenic) highway 101)

The first stop was at a truly bizarre Danish (yes DANISH) village “Solvang”.  Very strange place… It is literally a Californian town that is themed on a traditional town in Denmark. I bought a nice cinnamon bun for the journey though so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

Next I stopped in San Simean for the Elephant seals - it’s the birthing season and many hundreds flock to the Californian coast to lie around and cover themselves in sand (that’s what it looked like anyway!) Was an amazing site (and smell!)

I then carried on through Big Sur (which is actually a pretty large area - it took me 90 mins to get to the Big Sur area Colin and I went to a few weeks ago!!!) The scenery was amazing though so it was worth it. After covering over 600 miles on this trip it’s time for a rest… well, 6 shows anyway.

Hanging out in Santa Barbara is pretty great… the sunset was truly special tonight (I’m obviously getting slightly obsessed with sunsets of late.. probably not used to seeing them through the thick cloud back in the UK!). Had some amazing sushi and black miso cod here last night:

Will be driving more pacific highway scenery back to San Jose tomorrow… it’s going to be a long one though at over 6 hours!